Money your dreams

Before we can discuss the nature of our dreams, we must first understand what money really is. Money can be defined in terms of economics, psychology, spirituality, philosophy or culture: the first two are most useful for our purposes.

In the economic standard vision, money is a purely utilitarian product that serves as an exchange method, unit of account, standard of value and payment standard. Money was originally a convenient way to do business. From an economic point of view, money is only a means for other purposes. This vision can be practical, but does not provide insight into the psychological and emotional value of money.

Unlike a serious economic vision, our consumptive capitalist society is obsessed with money and generates value and interest. Money is respected, feared, worshiped, despised, sought after and treated with one-sided respect.

Money is the main motivation of many people. There is no doubt that money is an important part of our lives. The conflict over money is the reason for divorce number one. Individual problems can lead to a variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, paranoia, helplessness, impulsive spending, gambling, hoarding, social isolation, theft, suicide and malaise even murder

This becomes a problem because people treat each other as an account holder or exclude accounts based on income or capital.

Despite the importance and psychological significance, we do not even have a good psychological definition of the money to understand it.

1. I have enough money

2. I do not have enough money.

3. I have too much money

4. You have enough money.

5. You do not have enough money.

6. You have too much money.

The question of what is sufficient has to be solved by asking another question: “What is enough?” The answer to this question can clarify and understand our motivations, our values, our ambitions and so on.

Unlike Freud, who identified money with feces and created a kind of connection between money and anal eroticism, this new definition makes money a symbol of the response to our experience – our expectations of others, so of ourselves.

For this reason, armed with a better understanding of the importance of money, we can continue to use what money means in our dreams.

We dream of money in many situations, situations and opportunities that occur in the awake life. But just as in awake life, the context in which money is available speaks of its consequences. It hurts, it hurts, does it hurt? Is money a problem or a problem in your life?

As with any element (picture or symbol) of your dream, you need to analyze the money in the context of your dream and personal relationships and beliefs. Money as part of the dream is complex and difficult to understand because it is closely related to our psychology, our environment, our culture and our emotions. Whatever the element (image, word, symbol or event) should be to represent money, the problem of success, success, flow, value, power, balance, control, freedom, exchange, delivery is usually solved. Materialism, appreciation and yes, real money / economy.

Analyze your money dream and take the time to remember your childhood memories. The details of the message are composed of other elements of the dream.

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