Money in your dreams

Have you ever dreamed of a huge pile of money and woke up to find this money at the foot of your bed? No, not even me, but I know a man who knows.

Richard Stickler had dreamed of money for years and because of this he became incredibly rich. He explains: “It all began in December 2001. I had these strange dreams in which silver balls danced in front of my eyes, every time I woke up, the money was in my bed and continues to this day. Fortunately, Malcolm Pressvik from the Internal Revenue Department is very sympathetic: Stickler is not unique, we know a lot of people who make their money this way, you do not need to be ashamed of anything. They are not monsters, even if we explain everything, there are no problems.

Even if you think so, do you? How do you get these dreams? Do you need to be one of the chosen ones or can you develop the ability to dream about money in your life? I think you can train your mind to do this. At bedtime, meditation was enough to cause 1-2 people at a time. Yes, I know that it is a little, but it shows that it is possible. Since Richard Stickler succeeds without difficulty, it remains a mystery at the moment.

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