Combine your dreams with a safe investment

Dreams, our desires for our lives, today and tomorrow or even next year, are rarely taken into account when talking about safe investments. The other is much … much more than people think and much more than my daughter of thirty years, who dreams of traveling around the world.

Even if it meant he was traveling around the country, booking a hotel room, maybe even a car?

Why not visit Rio, or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil during the Carnival week, to celebrate, parades, allegorical carriages, music and simply enjoy a fantastic moment when it’s hot and sunny in our winter?

Maybe your dream is to attend at least two NASCAR races per month. Can you do that and invest quickly in the markets?

I could continue with all kinds of dreams, all kinds of activities. I mean, even a weekly walk in Glacier National Park costs money.

It is really a simple 3 step dream plan:

1. Write down these dreams and determine your costs per year (or calculate how much you spent last year to fulfill your dreams and wishes).

2. Divide the total cost by the amount of wages you receive, not the amount of money you spend, but the frequency with which you are paid. This is $ 1,400 divided by 26 if you pay $ 53.84 every two weeks

3. Start by saving this amount and invest in each salary. Think of it as a prepaid or prepaid payment for your wishes and dreams.

If you follow the principles of safe and profitable investments, combined with little diversification, you can easily finance your future activities.

If you save more than the minimum and invest to cover the expenses of a year, your account really increases, so that profits and income become the source of your dreams and the amount you actually invested remains secure. Take the opportunity to take it to Rio for the next concert, rent or buy a sports car or stroll along the beaches of Hawaii.

Put everything on a credit card and pay interest next to these costs, or enjoy your life without worrying about bills and wishes, wishes, wishes, Rio or even Key West next week pay.

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